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  • Export Manager: Ivan Wang (Mr.)
  • Tel: +86-531-82973066
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  • Factory Address: An'zhan Industry Park, Feicheng City, Shandong Province, China
  • Zip Code: 271603

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Shandong Luyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The leader Manufacturer of DADMAC and its Polymers in China. Produce chemical agent, chemical auxiliary covering the field: water treatment chemicals,oilfield auxiliaries,pulp&paper additives,Textile dyeing auxiliaries,daily chemicals additives, etc. As a leader manufacturer, the company has own laboratory and the technical personnel, they can let customers product obtain local subscriber's approval easy and quickly, and helps the user speedy settlement foundation the technical question, coordinated production. After many year endeavors, Luyue had already grasped from factory to user between all flows: Leaves the factory, the clearing cust...